Meet Our Founders

Meet Our Founders

Meet Our Founders

Meet Joannie Clements

Upon Joannie’s diagnosis in December of 2001, she quickly recognized the need for current verifiable information for CML patients and their families, and the benefits of having access to others whose CML journey was much like hers. She rapidly grew to appreciate the importance of the human connection as a valuable coping tool.

The first patient lead CML-specific family support group (FSG) was formed, meeting face-to-face in 2003 and every month thereafter for more than 17 years. Today CMLBF carries on monthly via virtual Zoom meetings in each US time zone allowing expansion across the US.

These CML warriors continue to rely upon accurate, up-to-date information drawn from many reputable US and international sources, like the CML Advocates Network, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, iCMLf, and NCCN, addressing various issues unique to the US.

Since 2019, CML Buster Foundation (CMLBF) has provided the finances and structure to support and expand the US CML outreach work.  CMLBF continues the mission of empowering patients, educating, advocating, comforting, offering an understanding heart, and giving inspiration and HOPE during their lifelong blood cancer journey.

This amazing group of warriors go to battle against CML daily, continuing to guide each other toward the best possible CML outcomes and quality of life. CMLBF is a family fighting in full force for a fulfilled life and aim to be positive examples of living successfully with CML.

Personally, throughout the past 20 years, Joannie has been able to manage her treatment to:

Keep “The Beast” Snoring, Not Roaring

Meet Jerry Clements

In 2003, Jerry’s wife, Joannie, along with another CML patient, founded the first US face-to-face CML-specific family support group (FSG) with the mission to “Provide the tools for empowerment of CML patients and their families to improve their quality of life.”

Since 2003, Jerry has focused his efforts through CML Busters‘ as a CML advocate and caregiver engaging with others on behalf of the US CML community. With the help of core members, CMLBF has become a powerful family providing positive examples of living successfully with CML. 

Originally drawing only from Southern California, that concept has grown into a powerful network of dedicated members who span all five US time zones. Utilizing the human connection as a major coping tool, they continue to give each other support, hope, help, and inspiration as its members and warriors alike are united in this mission.

Jerry is proud to have been part of that growth as a caregiver and now as a corporate CFO.  In 2019, CML Buster Foundation was formed as a 501(c)(3) to fund our vision of reaching the underserved patients in rural areas of the US, launching additional face-to-face FSGs (when COVID-19 allows) and to execute passion and focus to reignite funding and research for a much-needed CML Cure.

As of 2021, it is estimated that there are  ~120,000 CML patients and ~480,000 CML caregivers in the US. The foundation’s goal is to provide easy single-source access to CML education and to support services for CML families.

“We laugh together, we cry together, we are there for each other.”

We are: #CMLBusterStrong.